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Henan Huafeng Fabric Technology Co.,Ltd
Address:Shenqiu Industrial ParkShenqiu Country, Henan Province
Code Zipcode :466300

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    Henan Huafeng Fabric Technology Co.,Ltd, is a privately-owned enterprise founded in 1996. Currently, it is one of the largest professional manufacturer of paper making fabric in China . The factory located in Shen Qiu highway entrances of Luoyang - Nanjing .

    The factory covers an area of 320,000㎡,construction area of 260 000 ㎡, with assets of RMB150 million.Today, Huafeng has become the largest polyester fabric manufacturing base. With a production capacity of all specifications, all sizes and all series, we can meet any specific requirement of our clients. There are  ten international first-class TEXO loom made in Sweden , 26 loom made in ~China, six production lines of domestic heat-setting machine, and one hot-air machine stereotypes ,with an annual output of high-quality polyester fabric more than 1.000,000 square meters.

    The main products of Huafeng's are polyester forming fabric, including single layer ,double layer, two and a half layer and three layer ;dryer fabric;wash pulp fabric;spiral fabric, etc. They are widely used in various models of paper machine -machine speed from 30~1000m/min,width from 1760~6000mm.Through focusing on the international market and demands ,more than 20%of its products are exported to all over the world to meet the specific requirements of different customers.

    Huafeng always cares more about its quality and services than many other manufacturers.By using better raw material ,enforcing strict process controls and careful inspections , a rapid development has been attaining,especially after the awarding of “Enterprise Technology Center” and “Papermaking Fabric Research and Development Center for Paper Industry” in 2006. Many Products have been granted  “Quality Supervision-Free Products” certificate and “High-Quality Products” certificate.ISO9001:2000 edition certificate has been granted in sep.1999 by china quality certification center (CQC) for Huafeng's successful implementing of the quality management systems .It  focuses on supporting and giving priorty to the development of enterprises in the city. 

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