Polyester forming fabric    polyester dryer fabric    polyester pulp washing mesh fabric    polyester press filter mesh    Polyester mesh belt    wire mesh fabric / belt    polyester fabric for non-woven cloth    sludge dewatering fabric    
Polyester forming fabric
Single layer forming fabric
Polyester double layer forming fabric
Polyester double half layer forming fabric
Polyester three layer forming wire
polyester dryer fabric
polyester spiral dryer fabric
polyester dryer fabric
polyester flat dryer fabric
polyester pulp washing mesh fabric
drum type thickener fabric
vacuum washer fabric
High-speed pulping Washer fabric
vacuum drum type saveall filter bag
polyester press filter mesh
Polyester mesh belt
wire mesh fabric / belt
polyester fabric for non-woven cloth
sludge dewatering fabric
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 I. Culture Spirit  

     First be an upright person,After work

     Human first,Attention harmonious

     Honest and trust,Fair and candia

II. Management style

     Quality First,Customer foremost
III. Quality Policy

     Honestly services, and enhance customer satisfaction

     Continuous improvement, creating an international brand

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